John Muriango
Friday, August 2, 2019

Lessons From Hon. Ken Okoth & Ms. Anne Thumbi Secret Relationship

Day after day, we learn new info about a person; good, or bad. Yesterday, we learnt some unfortunate news about the departed Hon. Kenneth Okoth, of which most of us wish weren’t true. As you are aware, due to our consistent poor leadership in the country, the late was a breath of fresh air in our leadership circles as he conducted himself in a manner that was not the norm of people in authority, and in fact, most of us saw him as Saint Okoth, who was even more worthy of sainthood than most of the people who have been officially given ‘sainthood’ (of which I do not subscribe to as I believe it is unbiblical) by the Roman Catholic Church. Jana, as the negative news about Hon. Okoth came to light as first broken by Gov. Mike Sonko, it literally broke the hearts of most of us, seriously, it can’t be St. Okoth, so were we in denial.

However, this news is a needed lesson for all of us ancestors of Adam and Eve, that the best of men, is still a man, as a theologian whom I’ve forgotten his name once said.

It’s a reminder that all we like sheep, have gone astray, each one of us, turning our own separate ways.

It’s a reminder that our hope shouldn’t be upon mere men like us, as they’re all worms, kama you and I.

It’s a reminder that all of us easily fall into sins.

It’s a makumbusho that we can’t hide our iniquities for ever, but that they’ll catch us, sooner, rather than later.

It’s a reminder that all of us are corrupt by nature.

It’s a reminder of our indwelling sin.

It’s a reminder that men are feeble, one minute they’ll celebrate you, and then castigate us the next dakika when they see our dark side.

It’s a reminder that men won’t easily forgive you.

It’s a reminder that men will always bad-name you, no matter what you do.

It’s a reminder that people only like (I can’t use love) us for what we have and give them.

It’s a reminder that we genuinely don’t care about each other, or even their loved ones.

It’s a reminder that we can’t trust our fellow men.

But most importantly, the lesson that we need to learn from Ms. Anne Thumbi’s coming to the limelight jana as Okoth’s mistress is this: that we need a Better Man, Who is not just merely a mortal like us, but Who is also Divine, without sin, and never succumbed into it, Indescribable, the Sui Generis One, is Innocent & Spotless, not feeble like us, is Merciful & Gracious –in spite of what we’ve fanyad, never calls us names behind our backs as He is gentle and tender, genuinely loves us even though we are completely bankrupt, cares for us, and invites us to His throne of grace so as to forgive us, and Whom we can completely trust for our salvation.

Do you know Who this Good Man is? His name is Jesus. If you believe in Him (John 3:16), He will save us for ever as He delights in it.

Look unto Him and be saved!