Biblical African

About Biblical African

Our Vision

Biblical African exists to interlock, buoy up, and endow the African Church with gospel-centered means that are pastoral, handy, and devotional.


We seek to serve believers in the African Church. We will primarily feature resources that speak directly to issues in the African Christian context.


We seek by God’s grace to equip our readers practically in matters of church ministry and the Christian life by featuring resources that help them study the Bible, lead teams, bless volunteers, battle, raise children, love spouses, and hundreds of other matters important to living out their faith.


Because we don't mean to be simply informational but joyful, we place a high premium on content that revels in the excellencies of Christ and helps readers center on and celebrate His finished work. In this vein, we will feature grace- saturated reflections on Bible passages, personal testimonies, theological ideas, and spiritual living.
In all that we do, we seek the magnification of Christ in the Church and in this beloved continent of Africa through the Church. For this reason, every resource must be tied to Christ’s good news, because the Spirit working in and through the gospel is what has made the Church in the first place. To be a biblical African means being intently, persistently, stubbornly, and eternally for the gospel, because the Spirit working in and through the gospel is what sustains and sanctifies the Church.

Our Values


The gospel is at the center of all that we say and do. The center is not ourselves, or even God’s law, but rather the death and resurrection of Christ for our salvation, freely received through faith alone. The gospel is the means by which we are saved and also, in turn, has implications for how we are to live. It is to be related to all of life.


We strive to feature articles that are crafty and exceptional, believing that this method glorifies God and adorns the gospel.


We seek not to be "culturally relevant" or immediately "timely" but rather relevant to the needs of the African Church and its members. Because the Bible is always relevant, our content will be well-sourced and grounded in God's sufficient, perspicuous, authoritative, inerrant, infallible and necessary word – the Bible.


As a complement to our value of Relevance, we seek also to provide resources that are clear and helpful to our prospective audience. We will avoid intellectualism and unnecessary academic tone in order to present relevant material in as clear and straightforward a manner as possible.


We value not simply content but its context, and thus want to present our material in a reader-prioritized way. Our hope is that you find our website simple to traverse. If you do not, please let us know.

*Radical generosity*

We put the focus on others and give freely and abundantly for their welfare in the gospel. This means we are willing to make things harder on ourselves in order to make them easier on others. We will gladly and freely spend ourselves for the good of the church.